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Human Trafficking Information
Posted on Mar 24, 2011


UPDATE:  March 24, 2011

A first-of-its-kind training DVD on human trafficking and the critical role members of the trucking/travel plaza industry can have in fighting it is now available, free of charge.

"Because human trafficking becomes a costly, dangerous and relevant safety issue when it intersects with truckers and travel plaza employees, we hope trucking companies, travel plazas, truck-driving schools, state associations and national trucking associations will consider making this DVD a part of their orientation and training for all employees," said Kendis Paris, a national coordinator for Truckers Against Trafficking. "Traffickers are continually moving their victims along our nations’ highways and roads. Truckers, travel plaza employees and the entire trucking industry can become heroes in the fight against human trafficking as they are educated on the issue and then take action to fight it."

The DVD features interviews with the FBI, a prosecuting attorney, truckers who have seen human trafficking taking place on their routes, a trafficking victim rescued from a truck stop through the call of a trucker, actual footage of prostituted women at a travel plaza and information on concrete ways members of the trucking/travel plaza industry can fight this crime in the course of their daily work.

The DVD was produced by iEmpathize, an arts and advocacy non profit (www.iempathize.com) that creates opportunities for people to explore and engage in issues of injustice.

The DVD can be seen in its entirety at www.truckersagainsttrafficking.com. It can be downloaded from http://vimeo.com/21392891. Or you can request a DVD by e-mailing [email protected]. An audio version of the DVD is currently in the works for use as a training module for truckers who are on-the-road and not available for office training programs.



If you don't think human trafficking--modern day slavery--is going on right under your noses at truck stops, you're wrong.  Atrocities are always hard to fathom, but don't be naive.  Instead, be on the lookout!  If you know what to look for, you'll start seeing signs--signs that may save the lives and innocence of young Americans.  Truckers Against Trafficking is putting out a 10-minute training DVD so that you can recognize these signs.  Check out this 3-minute teaser trailer to get a better idea of just how important YOUR education could end up being!  ***


Marietta, PA, January 13, 2011 -- Transport for Christ International, in partnership with Chapter 61 Ministries, is pleased to announce the availability of a FREE ON-DEMAND webinar addressing human trafficking, a $32-billion-a-year business that destroys countless lives and enslaves its victims, the majority of whom are women and children.  National statistics puts the annual number of trafficked American children as young as 12 at approximately 300,000.  Additionally, another 17,000 internationals are trafficked into our country and forced into sex and labor. 

Available ON DEMAND, the webinar provides useful tips on what to look for, what questions to ask, and what steps to take if you witness human trafficking.  The webinar can be accessed at www.transportforchrist.org/links (under “Truckers Against Trafficking,” click on the webinar link). 

The webinar is intended to raise awareness to help fight this crime and those who perpetrate it.  “We’re hoping that releasing this recording of Human Trafficking 101 in an ON-DEMAND format will raise awareness of an issue that most Americans do not know exists.” said Scott Weidner, President and CEO of Transport For Christ.  “Travel plaza managers, driver training schools, and safety directors at companies will be able to download this webinar and use it as an educational program they can share with employees.  Now, with the easy-to-use links, any one at any time can access the webinar, thereby providing extra eyes and resources to help stem the tide of human sex trafficking in our country.” 

Most Americans are aware of the problem in Asia and Africa, but are oblivious to the problem that is occurring in their own backyards.   Lyn Thompson of Chapter 61 Ministries adds that “human traffickers move their victims by some mode of transportation all the time.  But when they are on the nation’s highways, and stopping at places members of the trucking industry frequent, they’re in places where their activities are more visible.  We can then make the call and save lives by calling the national human trafficking hotline number of 1-888-373-7888.  We believe the trucking community – Truckers Against Trafficking -- can be the heroes in this fight.”  The webinar can also be accessed through truckersagainsttrafficking.com. 

For more information about TFC and the Human Trafficking Webinar contact

Jane Evans Director of Communications        jan[email protected]         717-426-9977 ext. 101

PO Box 117

Marietta, PA  17547


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