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Dr. John McElligott Appointed to FMCSA Medical Examiner Work Group
Posted on Feb 9, 2010

John McElligott MD, FACP, MPH

Occupational Health Systems Inc.

(865) 558-3038

[email protected]  

Knoxville Doctor Continues Efforts to Help Professional Drivers

McElligott Named to FMCSA Work Group 

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.—Dr. John McEllligott, president and CEO of Occupational Health Systems, Inc. in Knoxville, was recently appointed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Office of Medical Programs to a one year position on the Medical Examiner Work Group (MEWG). McElligott is one of three Tennesseans on the board of 13 physicians nationwide. 

The MEWG will examine the flow and content of physical examination process commonly referred by doctors as a DOT exam. The group will make revisions to the pre-send form to make the document more user friendly and eliminate parts that are confusing to commercial drivers and doctors.  

The MEWG will also identify tools and resources for clinical practitioners who conduct Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) physicals. This work will be in direct support of the medical certification process and the FMCSA focus on safe driving.   

“Roughly 10 to 12 million CDL/DOT examinations are given each year, and with improved tools, as well as a more efficient process on the CDL/DOT examinations, drivers will be safer and healthier,” said McElligott.  “Having healthier drivers on the road is not only beneficial to the drivers, their families and employers; it is imperative that drivers are healthy because of the impact the industry has on our economy, as well as the safety of the other cars on the road.” 

McElligott and members of the MEWG will also help identify and recruit a diverse group of medical providers and their professional organizations, such as Doctors of Osteopathy, Medical Doctors, Physicians Assistants, Advanced Practice NPs, and Chiropractors, to facilitate training and examination for the development of the new National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME). The NRCME is being developed to provide trained, certified medical examiners who can effectively determine if a commercial motor vehicle driver’s health meets FMCSA medical standards, representing an important step in gaining and maintaining public trust and confidence in FMCSA’s continued efforts to improve highway safety. 

The NRCME will list practitioners who will be certified to perform Commercial Drivers License/DOT medical certification examinations. The FMCSA estimates the need for 40,000 providers in order to complete these exams.  

“I do hundreds of CDL/DOT exams each month, and I see the tremendous need for driver care, as well as their inability to easily find that care,” said McElligott. “My concern is that most providers doing CDL/DOT exams know nothing about this new rule. One of the MEWG’s missions is to communicate with those impacted by this rule.”  

To do this, additional tasks of the MEWG includes developing communication strategies for the drivers and medical providers so they have easy access to frequently asked questions.   

Providers interested in learning more about the NRCME or becoming listed should visit www.nrcme.fmcsa.dot.gov or email [email protected].  

McElligott urges local companies, truckers and providers to call his office at (865) 558-3038 if there are questions about these new rules, which will be out in mid-2010. 

Other MEWG members include Connie Anderson, PA-C from Nebraska; Christine Cisneros, MD from Michigan; James Daniels, MD from Illinois; Murry Lapp, MD from California; David McKinney, MD from Oregon; Darlene Olive, APN from Virginia; Gina Pervall, MD from Washington, D.C.; Robert Swotinsky, MD from Massachusetts; Leonard Kocis, DC from Connecticut; Garry Moffitt, MD from Arkansas; Stanley Roberts, PA-C MPH from Oak Ridge, Tenn.; and James Talmage, MD from Cookeville, Tenn.  

McElligott is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine, Fellow American College of Physicians and a member of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.  He completed his residency at Griffin Hospital and Yale University School of Medicine at Derby, CT.  McElligott holds a Masters of Public Heath from the University of Tennessee Knoxville and is a Certified Medical Review Officer. 

Occupational Health Systems was established 1995, and is the oldest free standing Occupational Health Provider in East Tennessee.  For more information, please call McElligott (865) 558-3038 and all calls will be returned.  

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