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Online Sleep Apnea Checker
Posted on Jan 22, 2010


Online Sleep Apnea Checker

So You want to know where you are with the proposed sleep apnea-BMI guidelines for your DOT physical?

The Truckers for a Cause-A.W.A..K.E. chapter now has a combined BMI calculator and Berlin Sleep Apnea questionnaire on its web site. This is the same screening procedure that has been proposed to be used in a DOT physicals.

The address for this survey is: http://awake.truckersforacause.com. The survey is located on the drop down menu under the Survey tab and is entitled "Sleep Apnea Checker for Drivers."

This survey will provide you with an indicator of your risk for sleep apnea. It checks the same things the DOT medical examiner will check except looking down your throat. Taking the survey will give you a good indicator of whether or not you would be given a conditional medical certification pending a sleep study at a upcoming DOT physical.

It must be emphasized that NO personal data will be attached to your responses from this survey. For the survey to do you any good you must give good honest answers, so remember no one will know who took the survey. It is important that every driver take this survey even if you do not think you have sleep apnea, since Dr. Barbara Phillips from the University of Kentucky, School of Medicine, who helped develop the self-checker, will be compiling the anonymous data gathered from the survey. She will be publishing a study in a medical journal which may influence FMCSA. Therefore, it is very important that all drivers take this survey to let everyone involved get some idea of what percentage of drivers will need a sleep study if the proposed guidelines are adopted by FMCSA.

If you do not have access to the internet, Greg McDermand of Safety First Sleep Solutions is providing a telephone version of the survey. There is no charge for the phone survey and again NO personal data will be collected.

You can call 330-507-9005 Monday Friday 7:30 AM 5:00 PM CST for the telephone version of the Sleep Apnea survey.

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