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Coming Up on The Dave Nemo Show
Posted on Jan 3, 2011

Friday, 12/30/11:

8:35 AM Eastern:  OOIDA's Rod Nofziger rounds up the events of the week in D.C. that affect trucking on “Washington Trucking Week.”

9:05 AM Eastern:  Jim Park, award winning trucking journalist and technical adviser to OBAC, brings important issues to the table and talks trucking from a Canadian’s point of view on the Friday Edition of “Canada Calling.”

10:05 AM Eastern:  An in-studio visit with TA/Petro's Tom Liutkis.

Saturday, 12/31/11:

8:05 AM Eastern:  Brock and Don discuss a different kind of resolution--the goals sportsmen set for hunting and fishing in the coming year.  What would you like to achieve?  Think it over on the Saturday Edition of "Interstate Sportsman."

Sunday, 1/1/11:

Happy New Year from the Dave Nemo Entertainment family!

Ring in the New Year with Zee and KC on the Taylor and Philips Show!

Monday, 1/2/11:

8:05 AM Eastern: Bob Lee gives the savvy trucker a heads-up and a head start on the week's business on “ITS Trans4cast Report.”

9:05 AM Eastern: It’s Joanne Ritchie with the latest news and views from OBAC on “Canada Calling.”

10:05 AM Eastern: Safety regulations required by the FMCSA...do you know and understand them all? Rick Gobbell and David Owen do, and they'll review them on “Safety, Compliance, and Common Sense.”

Tuesday, 1/3/11:

8:05 AM Eastern:  The average trucker has four health conditions.  Dr. John McElligott can help you sort them out on “Coffee with the Doc.”

10:05 AM Eastern:  Robert Braswell, Technical Director of the Technology & Maintenance Council is joined by Tim Miller to discuss the importance of tire balancing on “Tech Talk with TMC.”


Regular Features on The Dave Nemo Show:

"ITS Trans4cast Report" --Every Monday at 8:06am Eastern 
Bob Lee gives the savvy trucker a heads-up and a head start on the week's business.

"Canada Calling" --Every Monday at 9:06am Eastern
Joanne Ritchie with news and views from Canada's leading Truck Owner/Operator group, OBAC.

"Safety, Compliance and Common Sense" --Every other Monday at 10:06am Eastern
Transportation Safety consultant Rick Gobbell talks with listeners about compliance and safety issues. (Open phones)

"On the Go with Volvo" --Fourth Monday at 9:35am Eastern
Experts from the product team at Volvo Trucks North America share the latest on truck technology and equipment each month.

"Tech Talk With TMC" --Every Tuesday at 10:06am Eastern
Industry leaders discuss the latest in maintenance, technology and design. (Open phones)

"Coffee With The Doc" --Every Tuesday at 8:06am Eastern
Dr. John McElligott, along with other leading physicians, shares advice on drivers' health and wellness. (Open phones)

"The Business Of Trucking" --Every other Wednesday at 8:06am Eastern
CPA John Turner talks with listeners about taxes, finances and everything business. (Open phones)

"Load 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out" --First and Third Wednesday at 9:06am Eastern
Industry leaders from the Truckload Carriers Association share news and insights about this most important segment of trucking.

"Trucking America" --Second and Fourth Wednesdays at 9:06am Eastern
Elisabeth Barna, ATA Vice President of Strategic Planning and Outreach, covers hot topics surrounding the trucking industry and issues concerning industry image.

"The Interstate Sportsman" --Every Thursday at 7:35am Eastern
Noted outdoorsmen Brock Ray and Don Kirk talk hunting and fishing. (Open phones)

"ATRI ON The Air" --Every other Thursday at 9:06am Eastern
The American Transportation Research Institute talks about its latest research findings. (Open phones)

"FMCSA Hotline" --Second Thursday of month at 8:06am Eastern
Leaders from FMCSA talk one-on-one with listeners about rules and regulations in the WWT (Wonderful World of Trucking). (Open phones)

"Washington Trucking Week" --Every Friday at 8:35am Eastern
Rod Nofziger, OOIDA Director of Governmental Affairs, rounds up the events of the week in D.C. that affect trucking.

"Canada Calling Friday Edition" --Every Friday at 9:06am Eastern
Jim Park, award winning trucking journalist and technical advisor to OBAC, talks trucking from a Canadian's point of view.

"Fitness Friday" --Every Friday except fourth Friday at 10:06am Eastern
Alternating guests Mark Everest (the Road Athlete), and Todd Witthorne (President/CEO of Cooper Concepts) give advice, information and encouragement to drivers on health, exercise, diet, time management and more. (Open phones)

"Trucker Talent Spotlight" (sponsored by Oakley Trucking) --Every Saturday at 7:35am Eastern
Features real music from real truckers.

"Interstate Sportsman - Saturday Edition" --Every Saturday at 8:05am Eastern
Noted outdoorsmen Brock Ray and Don Kirk talk hunting and fishing. (Open phones)

"16 Wheels Short" --Every Saturday at 10:06am Eastern
Geoff Gardisky, National Executive Manager of the Motorcycle Division at Centramatic, talks about motorcycle destinations, upcoming rallies and other events, and answers questions about maintenance. (Open phones)

"Heaven's Road Morning Devotion" --Every Sunday at 7:35am Eastern
Chaplin Joe Hunter of Truckstop Ministries brings the Gospel and a bit of inspiration to the drivers.

"Pet Talk" --First Sunday of month at 9:06am Eastern
Veterinarian Dr. Elaine Moore with advise for on-the-road pet owners. (Open phones)

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