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Current Events
Coming Up on the Dave Nemo Show
May 26, 2015

Check for special guests and regular features.

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Tech Talk with TMC
Apr 14, 2015
Check out these upcoming topics.
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Meet Dave and the Team at MATS!
Mar 22, 2015

Photo meet and greet schedule.

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Visit our sponsors at MATS!
Mar 13, 2015
Here's the list of our sponsors' booths for the Mid-American Trucking Show, March 26-28, 2015 in Louisville, KY.
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Wreaths Across America and Arrow Truck Sales
Oct 28, 2014
Details for our interview on 11/4/14 with Wreaths Across America, Arrow Truck Sales, and NASCAR driver Jennifer Jo Cobb.
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Interstate 70 Mineola Truck Parking Daytime Closure (MM169)
Sep 22, 2014
Guardrail replacement work will close one lane of Interstate 70 between 8 am and 3 pm, Tuesday through Thursday, beginning September 30 and lasting through October 9.
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Comments needed on AMSA exemption request
Sep 10, 2014
American Moving & Storage Association has applied for an exemption from FMCSA's regulation prohibiting operators from driving following the 14th hour after coming on duty.
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St. Louis, MO: EB I-64 Closures
Sep 5, 2014
Effecting the St. Louis area from September 4- 10, 2014.
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Letter asking DOT to remove CSA scores from public view
Aug 27, 2014
Read the Aug 22, 2014 letter here.
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Visit our sponsors and friends at GATS!
Aug 22, 2014
Handy guide to must-visit booths.
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Senate Committee Meetings/Hearings Schedule
Jul 29, 2014
Daily schedule of committee meetings and hearings of the Senate
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NTSB Recommendations for Tractor-Trailers.
Apr 4, 2014
National Transportation Safety Board recommendations concerning underride, data collection, and blind spots.
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First Distracted Driving Enforcement Campaign
Apr 4, 2014
U Drive. U Text. U Pay. April 10-15, 2014
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Survey to Identify Truck Parking Shortages
Apr 4, 2014
Click to take a Federal Highway Administration survey.
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The Big Rig Overhaul
Feb 24, 2014
Restoring Middle-Class Jobs at America's Ports Through Labor Law Enforcement
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GAO Report Recommends CSA Changes
Feb 5, 2014
Report says that FMCSA's SMS methodology needs work.
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I Am NOT a Lot Lizard
Feb 4, 2014
Click to view the latest Truckers Against Trafficking video about the dehumanizing term and why changing our cultural attitudes can help bring an end to human trafficking.
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Study supports benefits of 34-hour restart
Feb 4, 2014
FMCSA says the real-world, third-party study shows that current rules are most effective.
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National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners
Dec 22, 2013
Find a medical examiner for your physical.
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Climb for TAT
Dec 20, 2013
Trucker and mountain climber Matt Hopkins is raising $22,841 for Truckers Against Trafficking--that's a dollar for every vertical foot he'll climb!
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Sleeper Berth Pilot Project Proposal
Dec 19, 2013
ATA and Minnesota Trucking Association call for a pilot project on sleeper berth breaks. 
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The Sleeper Cab Library
Dec 14, 2013
Click for a list of all the books and films you've heard discussed on The Dave Nemo Show.
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ATA Paper on Reliability of CSA Scores
Dec 10, 2013
Click to read the American Trucking Associations' December 2013 white paper.
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"I Am the American Trucker"
Nov 31, 2013
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Hearing on HoS Impact on Small Businesses
Nov 25, 2013
Transcripts of the 11/21/13 hearing.
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FMCSA Study on Opportunities for Returning Vets
Nov 12, 2013
Study released on 11/8/13 outlining regulatory changes that would make CDLs more accessible to veterans.
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H.R. 3413
Nov 5, 2013
This bill, introduced 10/30/13 would require a study and report regarding the HOS restart.
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Improving the Nation's Freight Transportation System
Nov 1, 2013
10/29/13 report from the Panel on 21st Century Freight Transportation
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Trucking Moves America Forward Logo Survey
Oct 9, 2013
Click to vote on a logo to represent an upcoming industry-wide image movement for trucking.
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Letter to Foxx About HOS Concerns
Sep 19, 2013
A letter from 51 members of Congress expressing concerns about the July 2013 final HOS rule, and Foxx's response.
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Operation Air Brake/Brake Safety Week
Sep 6, 2013

September 8-14, 2013, brought to you by CVSA

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Weblinks of Interest
Sep 4, 2013
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New "Transport Tidbits" feature
Aug 31, 2013
Click for more on our new monthly feature with popular guest, Rosalyn Wilson.
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Gates Belt Wear Diagnosis
Aug 21, 2013
Free tool and smartphone app for drivers
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Driver Fitness Report to Congress
Jul 17, 2013
FMCSA's June 2013 report on the fitness component of CSA
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HOS--Livestock Waiver
Jul 9, 2013

General Notice: Hours of Service; Limited 90-Day Waiver from the 30-Minute Rest Break Requirement for the Transportation of Livestock

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TAT Newsletter
Jul 3, 2013
Volume 4, Issue 3, July 2013
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Coon Rapids, Minn Truck Parking
Jun 13, 2013
Here is the published regulation on truck parking in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.
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Navigate Bonnaroo 2013
Jun 12, 2013
Large music festival will effect traffic 6/12-17 around Manchester, TN.
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NTSB Unveils Interventions to Reach Zero-Tolerance Alcohol-Impaired Crashes
May 15, 2013
National Transportation Safety Board press release
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May 8, 2013

The annual CMV inspection program.

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TAT Certification
May 3, 2013
Register as a Trucker Against Trafficking now!
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Our American Presidents
Apr 2, 2013

Links to the institutions and organizations represented by our guests on this feature.

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Destination Detours
Mar 20, 2013
Links to the attractions and events featured on our "Destination Detour" segments.
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LaHood Says Goodbye
Jan 30, 2013
A letter from DOT Secretary Ray LaHood upon leaving office.
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ATRI On The Air
Jan 21, 2013
Here are upcoming topics.... 
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Truckers Against Trafficking Cruise 2013
Jan 21, 2013
TAT's second cruise--Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten!
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Steps to Starting Good Habits
Nov 27, 2012
A simple checklist to get you on your way.
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Color Changing, Glowing Highways in Netherlands
Nov 14, 2012
New safety technology coming to Netherlands.
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34 Hr Restart Survey
Nov 8, 2012
Help ATRI by participating in their research to quantify the potential impacts of the changes to the 34-hr restart.
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I-70 Blanchette Bridge Closure
Oct 16, 2012
Lane impacts begin October 19. Closure planned Nov. 2.  Info here!
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ATRI's GPS Survey
Oct 8, 2012
ATRI needs your feedback to understand how you use GPS and its pros and cons.
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VA Tunnel Closure--E. Hampton, Norfolk, VA Beach
Oct 8, 2012
VA's I-64 East Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel to Norfolk/Virginia Beach closed 10/19-10/22.
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Toll Infocenter
Sep 19, 2012
Information on and petitions against tolling.
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How Shippers Choose Carriers
Sep 7, 2012
Click for criteria!
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OOIDA Files Lawsuit Against FMCSA Over Safety Record Database
Jul 17, 2012
OOIDA has filed suit over the Pre-Employment Screening Program and DataQ appeal process.
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OOIDA Says CSA Unfair to Small Businesses
Jul 12, 2012
Read OOIDA's statement explaining gaps in CSA that penalize small trucking companies.
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Navistar Goes to SCR
Jul 6, 2012
Navistar announces advanced clean engine technology.
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OOIDA tells federal court that amended out-of-service
Jun 13, 2012
OOIDA says criteria for fatigue violate Fourth Amendment.  Read more.
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EOBR Infocenter
Jun 12, 2012
Press releases, bills, rules, arguments, and articles about EOBRs.
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Truckers Against Trafficking in Washington Times
Jun 12, 2012
Calls to the human trafficking hotline are on the rise.  Read more.
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FMCSA 2012-2016 Strategic Plan
May 13, 2012
Read it here.
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Senate/House Conferees for Highway Bill
Apr 26, 2012
List of conferees to resolve differences between the House and Senate version of a highway funding extension bill.
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Hours of Service InfoCenter
Apr 1, 2012
Click for the latest and archived news on HOS.
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FMCSA Pre-Employment Screening Program
Feb 26, 2012
The PSP will improve the quality of safety data and help employers during the hiring process by making driving records available.
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Distracted Driving HQ
Feb 16, 2012
The latest news, dates, and links concerning the issue of distracted driving--all in one convenient place.
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CMV Safety Enhancement Act of 2011
Jan 29, 2012
Read S. 1950 here.
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"FMCSA Hotline" Topics
Jan 18, 2012
Here are some of the hot topics discussed on "FMCSA Hotline."
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DASH Diet Plan
Jan 9, 2012
Check out this plan from the National Institutes of Health.
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FINAL RULE: Hours-of-Service
Dec 23, 2011
Click to read the final rule on HOS, published December 2011.
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OBAC On Senior Commercial Driver Testing
Dec 23, 2011
The Owner-Operator's Business Association of Canada (OBAC) is pleased that the discussion of age-based testing is being reopened.
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NTSB Report on Bus/Bobtail/Pickup Truck Collision
Dec 16, 2011
Read the National Transportation Safety Board's report on the August 2010 collision, and check out the discussion via an archived webcast.
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Final Rule: Cell Phone Ban
Nov 23, 2011
Read more about it.
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Don't Ignore Your Health!
Oct 28, 2011
Click to read Jimmy Mac's story about why you should be proactive about your health.
... Click here for more    

State Transportation Statistics 2010
Oct 24, 2011
The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) guide to transportation data by state.
... Click here for more    

Mexican Truck InfoCenter
Oct 13, 2011
Click here for updates and archives on the Mexican truck pilot program and surrounding issues.
... Click here for more    

NTSB Report on Truck/Van Collision in Kentucky
Sep 14, 2011
Click for the report on the tragic collision between the truck and 15-passenger van in March, 2010. 
... Click here for more    

CARB Requirements
Sep 6, 2011
Click for the official CARB requirements
... Click here for more    

Detention Time Bill Infocenter
May 20, 2011
Click to see what DeFazio, OOIDA, ATA and the GAO have to say about the issue.
... Click here for more    

Detention Time Bill Would Protect Independent Drivers
May 19, 2011
Read the text of H. R. 756, which directs USDOT to study the amount of time drivers are forced to wait at loading docks and use the results to establish a max number of hours that drivers may be detained. without being compensated.
... Click here for more    

FMCSA Issues Final Rule Amending CDL Standards
May 6, 2011

Click to find the final rule amending CDL testing and learner's permit standards.

... Click here for more    

"We Didn't Have That Green Thing Back Then"
Apr 19, 2011

Don't forget---"green" is just a new word for something that used to be practiced by everyone!

... Click here for more    

Human Trafficking Information
Mar 24, 2011

Click for info on Truckers Against Trafficking webinars as well as other presentations and links. **Update about Super Bowl event**

... Click here for more    

Why Carriers Shouldn't Be Branded As Under Alert
Feb 10, 2011

Here are 10 reasons carriers should not be branded as under "alert" based on arbitrary statistical thresholds.

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Web Links of Interest
Jan 12, 2011

Here's where you'll find links to the websites of recent guests on the program. 

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Tech Talk With TMC
Jan 10, 2011

Here's our schedule of upcoming topics and guests...

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Engine Control Module Speed Limiter Device
Jan 4, 2011

Petitions from ATA and other stakeholders are being considered in the rulemaking process that will determine if speed-limiting devices are required in CMVs.

... Click here for more    

Coming Up on The Dave Nemo Show
Jan 3, 2011

Check here for regular features and special guests.

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AAA Drowsy Driving Report
Nov 16, 2010
Click to read the 2010 AAA report on drowsy driving.
... Click here for more    

Controversy about texting bans
Sep 29, 2010
A new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is receiving some fire from the DOT.  Read both sides here.
... Click here for more    

Final Rule on Drug and Alcohol Testing
Aug 19, 2010
A final rule on procedures for transportation workplace drug and alcohol testing programs goes into effect October 1, 2010.
... Click here for more    

"Unlocking Freight" -- A New Report from AASHTO
Aug 3, 2010

A better economy and a bigger population are going to mean huge increases in the number of trucks and amount of freight needing to be moved across the US.

... Click here for more    

SafeStat Being Replaced by CSMS
Apr 12, 2010
Read the full FMCSA notice, and find out how to submit comments.
... Click here for more    

Closing the Deficit, Nonpayers, and Other Income Tax Topics
Apr 5, 2010
Check out these studies by the Tax Foundation, as discussed on the air 4/6/10.
... Click here for more    

Bill Would Recind NAFTA
Mar 12, 2010
More here on H.R. 4759: To provide for the withdrawal of the United States from the North American Free Trade Agreement.
... Click here for more    

New Drug and Alcohol Program Final Rules
Mar 1, 2010
The DOT published three Drug and Alcohol Program Final Rules on 2/25/10.  Read more about them here.
... Click here for more    

Dr. John McElligott Appointed to FMCSA Medical Examiner Work Group
Feb 9, 2010

More on the position and the goals of the Medical Examiner Work Group here.

... Click here for more    

FMCSA Medical Rules
Feb 9, 2010
Click here for important FMCSA documents concerning medical rulings and proposed rules.
... Click here for more    

Study On Mileage-Based Taxes
Feb 4, 2010
Find out more about Texas Transportation Institute's study concerning mileage-based taxes. 
... Click here for more    

Pre-Work Screening of Drivers Can Address Risk
Feb 3, 2010
A study by Atlas Ergonomics indicates that screening drivers before hiring can lead to a 7% reduction in lost work days and other benefits for carrier companies.  Read more here.
... Click here for more    

FMCSA Regulations on Texting by CMV Drivers
Jan 28, 2010
Regulations are in effect as of 1/27/10.  Read the full guidance here.
... Click here for more    

Truck-Involved Fatalities Down 12.3% in 2008
Jan 28, 2010

2008 saw the biggest drop in truck-involved fatalities yet!  Read the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's highlights here.

... Click here for more    

Commodity Flow Survey
Jan 27, 2010
The Commodity Flow Survey is a survey of shippers about their shipments modes, distances, sizes, origins and destinations.  Click here for links and more information.
... Click here for more    

Online Sleep Apnea Checker
Jan 22, 2010
A.W.A.K.E.'s sleep apnea survey is up and running!  It checks the same things a DOT medical examiner will check and can give you a good idea if you're at risk.
... Click here for more    

2009 Third-Party Logistics Provider CEO Perspective
Oct 28, 2009

Check out the what the key findings from the survey discussed on the show 10/28/09 mean for the trucking industry as a whole.

... Click here for more    

NTSB Recommendations Concerning Sleep Apnea
Oct 21, 2009
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has made recommendations concerning professional drivers and sleep apnea.  Read them here.
... Click here for more    

Oct 14, 2009
Here are the points being considered for assignment to roadside violations in CSA2010.
... Click here for more    

Poor road conditions = largest cost of highway fatalities!
Sep 29, 2009
Check out this study, discussed on the show 9/29/09.  You'll be amazed at what you read!
... Click here for more    

Dave Jams with Pure Grain at Expedite Expo 2009
Jul 28, 2009
Click here for a great new truckin' tune!
... Click here for more    

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